Artist/Process Statement

The unique beauty of exotic hardwoods inspires my current line of jewelry. I search out hardwood remainders from cabinetmakers, instrument makers and other sources who otherwise would be sending them to the landfill or burning them as firewood. These pieces are just too spectacular for that! I delight in saving these scraps and reshaping them to bring out their amazing colors and patterns.

My design process begins with a few sketches and then I let the natural character of the wood lead me in new directions. By combining pearl and stone accents with shaped pieces of figured wood, an organic feel is emphasized in every piece. Precious metal elements are then hand-forged to complement each pendant or pair of earrings.

Studio-trained as a gold and platinumsmith, I have made my living as a custom jewelry designer with an emphasis on custom wedding rings. My focus with precious metal jewelry lies in creating pieces with elegant, smooth lines that allow the visual characteristics of the metals to make as much of a statement as any stones or engraving. I count myself incredibly lucky that every day I find myself working with precious metals and unbelievably gorgeous, one-of-a-kind woods!